The Divorce Property Settlement Process Explained

Divorced Couple

When a married couple separates, they enter into a family law property settlement to divide their assets. The Property Settlement Process can be long and complicated, but the settlement is the final legal statement that outlines the terms of a divorce.  The Property Settlement Process  In Australia, assets are divided by negotiation or mediation in […]

Contesting a Will – Your Estate Claim Questions Answered

Will Dispute Man & Woman

The loss of a loved one is a deeply emotional time. It can also be a distressing period if there are Will estate disputes. Challenging a Will isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but if you have been unfairly left out you may have no choice. Contesting a Will often leads to conflict within […]

Common Symptoms of Childhood Sexual Assault in Adults

Child Abuse Symptoms

The very idea of childhood evokes images of wonder, optimism, and innocence. It’s supposed to be the portion of your life where you feel the safest and most secure. The stability of a solid family helps you learn how to build safe relationships throughout your life. That is ideal when it comes to childhood. Sadly, […]

What Happens If You Can’t Agree On Property Settlement

Property Settlement Couple

When a marriage or de-facto partnership ends, a property settlement after separation is an important component of the legal Property Settlement Process because it guarantees that property and funds are shared equally between both parties. But parties often find it hard to settle property disputes amicably.  To learn what are the recourses available to a […]

Can a De Facto Partner Challenge a Will?

De Facto Will

The Australian healthcare system is one of the best globally, with hospitals capable of treating even the The death of a family member or loved one may be a very distressing time, especially if you believe you have been overlooked in a Will or have been under-accounted for. In this case, you might want to consider […]

Common Types of Medical Negligence You Need To Be Aware Of

medical negligence claim Lawyer - AJB Stevens

The Australian healthcare system is one of the best globally, with hospitals capable of treating even the most complicated issues. Unfortunately, despite the medical system being one of the best, cases of medical negligence do still occur. According to stats, around 50,000 people suffer from permanent injury because of medical negligence annually.  And many of those occurrences are […]

How Does The National Redress Scheme Work?

NRS application - AJB Stevens

The National Redress Scheme was the result of The Royal Commission sexual abuse. The commission found rampant child sexual abuse across many Australian institutions. And as a result, they created National Redress Scheme payments to address childhood trauma in adults. It is an acknowledgement of the abuse that took place, and a way to hold […]

Your Guide to Short Term Marriage Divorce Property Settlements

short marriage Lawyer - AJB Stevens

The end of a relationship is stressful and upsetting. Even when the decision is amicable, there are a lot of emotions to process. Considering there is a property settlement time limit, you don’t have much time to grieve the end of your relationship.  What Is Considered a Short-Term Marriage?  The circumstances of your marriage matter, […]

Challenging a Will Before Death – What You Need To Know

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A Will is personal, and many people don’t address its contents. That becomes complicated after you pass because some people may be surprised or disappointed by its contents. And, you can’t control who sees your Will after you pass because there are laws that govern this. Once a Will is signed by the testator, and […]