How Divorce Affects Spousal Support in Australia

Spousal Support After Divorce

Divorce is painful, and the process of separating can be profoundly stressful and deeply emotional. Understanding the financial implications of a divorce is vital, particularly regarding spousal support.  The need for this support arises when there’s a substantial discrepancy in the earning capacities or financial resources of the two parties involved. It’s a form of […]

Decoding Legal Strategies: The Significance of Permanent Stay in Historical Abuse Cases

Senior Affected By Child Abuse

Permanent Stays are an exceptional application within Australia’s legal system, providing an opportunity to permanently park a case. Unfortunately, it has become a regular legal strategy for institutions facing legal action for the historical child sexual abuse that occurred within their establishments.  Unraveling the Permanent Stay  As a legal strategy, a permanent stay has been […]

Legal Aspects of Silicosis Compensation in Australia

Silicosis Breathing Problems

Silicosis can develop due to prolonged silica dust exposure, and inhaling these particles damages lung tissue leading to scarring and possibly even more serious diseases. The symptoms of silicosis include coughing, breathlessness, and severe chest pain.  The most severe cases result in death. As an occupational disease, there are legal implications and those are focused […]

Legal Actions and Class Actions: Pursuing Accountability for Historical Institutional Abuse

Historical Abuse Victim

Australia has a sad history of institutional abuse, and this dark chapter in the country’s history left many children, now adults, with trauma. Schools, religious organisations, and other institutions were responsible for the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children in their care, and we’re only reckoning with that reality now. The issue was far […]

Relocation with Children: Legal Considerations and Consent Requirements

Relocation with Kids

Co-parenting is complex and it can be even more complicated when you are faced with the topic of relocation with children. There’s a difference between moving to a new neighbourhood and potentially moving inter-state.  If a move negatively impacts the parenting agreement, the co-parent must agree to the relocation otherwise it requires the permission of […]

Preventing Medical Negligence: Tips for Patients and Healthcare Providers

Injured Worker

Preventing medical negligence safeguards the health of patients and their trust in the system. The reality of medical negligence is it can have long-term, life-changing consequences. Whether it’s through emotional distress and financial burdens or a life-altering disability. It can also result in death.  In fact, around 50,000 Australians are permanently injured annually due to […]

Occupational Silicosis: Protecting Australian Workers

Silicosis Worker

There is no cure for silicosis, but there are preventative measures that can eradicate the problem. It develops after exposure to silica dust and the duration and intensity of the exposure will influence how severe the illness is.  The risk impacts many industries; when work creates silica dust, its presence in the air means it […]

Elderly Parents and Estate Planning

Elderly Estate Planning

If you have elderly parents, the right time to assist them in estate planning is now. That doesn’t mean you have to take the lead, but it does mean you should help them find experienced will and estate lawyers to ensure everything is in order, to avoid a will dispute when they pass. It will […]

3 Common Types of Silicosis You Need To Know About

Silicosis Affected Worker

It comes in three common types, but silicosis in any form is a fatal disease affecting the lungs. It develops after silica dust inhalation, and the type depends on how much exposure you have had. It is considered an occupational disease because it generally impacts workers from certain industries. As silica dust accumulates, it impairs […]