AJB Stevens Slams School’s Response to Sexual Abuse

Travis Cranbrook Child Abuse

A former student has alleged he was sexually abused at Cranbrook, a prestigious boys’ school in Australia’s wealthiest suburb Bellevue Hill. In what should have been the opportunity of a lifetime, Travis Mathews (now 23) had been a ward of the state in Western Australia since he was born. At 13 years old, he transferred […]

Everything You Need To Know About Motor Vehicle Compensation

Motor Vehicle Accident

Medical bills, time off work, property damage, and flashbacks; car accidents are expensive and stressful. Whether you were in the back seat or behind the wheel, you need to know your options for compensation if you’ve been in an accident.  So, let’s talk about everything you need to know about Motor Vehicle Compensation (MVC).  What […]

Everything You Need to Know About Spousal Support

Spousal Abuse Couple

Divorce is near the top of life’s five biggest stressors. It’s a painful experience, it’s emotional, and even if it’s amicable, that separation is a major life change.  Your support system during life changes needs to be solid, and you need to rely on people you can trust to look after your best interests. That’s […]

Child Migrants Now Eligible To Apply for the NRS

Child Migrants Now Eligible To Apply for the NRS

The National Redress Scheme (NRS) has been in effect now for six years and in that time, many victims of child sexual abuse have been able to receive compensation. Almost half of the applications have been processed, and the majority of those remaining are in progress, whether they are being actively actioned or awaiting additional […]

Understanding TPD Claim Denials: Tips for a Successful Claim Process

Understanding TPD Claim Denials

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim denials happen and though it has improved since a damning ASIC report in 2016, there’s still a long way to go.  Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance provides policyholders with protection in the case of permanent disability, injury or illness that prevents them from returning to work. A denial can […]

Complications in Cosmetic Surgery: Legal Recourse for Patients

Cosmetic surgery complications

There is an element of risk to every surgery, and that includes cosmetic procedures. Complications can have an emotional and physical impact on patients.  Medical negligence law provides protections for patients and it’s important to know your legal rights, especially if you’re dealing with complications after cosmetic surgery. Whether there is a chronic pain issue […]

Unlocking the Essentials: Key NSW Inheritance Rules You Must Know

Inheritance rules

Inheritance rules in New South Wales are complex, and if you want to navigate these rules, you may run into trouble without the help of a lawyer. The decision to contest or challenge a will is a big one – the process can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. There could be unintended consequences if you […]

How Divorce Affects Spousal Support in Australia

Spousal Support After Divorce

Divorce is painful, and the process of separating can be profoundly stressful and deeply emotional. Understanding the financial implications of a divorce is vital, particularly regarding spousal support.  The need for this support arises when there’s a substantial discrepancy in the earning capacities or financial resources of the two parties involved. It’s a form of […]

Decoding Legal Strategies: The Significance of Permanent Stay in Historical Abuse Cases

Senior Affected By Child Abuse

Permanent Stays are an exceptional application within Australia’s legal system, providing an opportunity to permanently park a case. Unfortunately, it has become a regular legal strategy for institutions facing legal action for the historical child sexual abuse that occurred within their establishments.  Unraveling the Permanent Stay  As a legal strategy, a permanent stay has been […]