How Does The National Redress Scheme Work?

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The National Redress Scheme was the result of The Royal Commission sexual abuse. The commission found rampant child sexual abuse across many Australian institutions. And as a result, they created National Redress Scheme payments to address childhood trauma in adults. It is an acknowledgement of the abuse that took place, and a way to hold […]

Your Guide to Short Term Marriage Divorce Property Settlements

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The end of a relationship is stressful and upsetting. Even when the decision is amicable, there are a lot of emotions to process. Considering there is a property settlement time limit, you don’t have much time to grieve the end of your relationship.  What Is Considered a Short-Term Marriage?  The circumstances of your marriage matter, […]

Challenging a Will Before Death – What You Need To Know

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A Will is personal, and many people don’t address its contents. That becomes complicated after you pass because some people may be surprised or disappointed by its contents. And, you can’t control who sees your Will after you pass because there are laws that govern this. Once a Will is signed by the testator, and […]

Tax Responsibilities of an Executor – What You Need To Know

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While most developed countries levy an inheritance tax against a deceased estate, Australia does not. However, there are still tax responsibilities that come when dealing with a deceased estate. These tax responsibilities fall onto the executor’s shoulders, but you should look to the deceased estate lawyers for guidance.  What Is an Executor?  The Will’s executor […]

Are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders People Eligible For National Redress Scheme?

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Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders People have been impacted by institutional sex abuse, and the National Redress Scheme (the Scheme) is one of the ways the government is supporting those who have been victimised. This article provides details on the scheme and who is eligible. What Is Institutional Sexual Abuse?  Institutional Sexual Abuse is […]

Who Gets Custody Of Pets After Divorce?

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When two parties legally separate or divorce, they can agree to a property settlement, which divides their assets and liabilities. The property settlement time limit is one year from the official divorce date or two years from the separation date for de facto couples. The property settlement process can be completed, with or without the assistance of […]

Wills & Parents – What Happens If Both Parents Die At The Same Time

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It is unthinkable. Losing one parent is difficult enough, but to lose both? What happens if both of your parents die at the same time? In the majority of cases, a person leaves their estates to their spouse first and then to their children. It becomes more complicated when there are children from multiple relationships. […]

Can You Apply To The National Redress Scheme If You Are Currently In Jail?

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The Governor-General established the Royal Commission Sexual Abuse in 2013, and the National Redress Scheme came as a result. Since 2018, victims of institutional child sexual abuse have been able to apply for National Redress Scheme Payments. It does not erase the pain and trauma victims experienced, but it does aim to address it. The […]

How Child Sexual Abuse Can Affect Your Mental Health As An Adult

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Victims of child sexual abuse experience the aftereffects of that abuse throughout their lives. There are a lot of complicated emotions to address. Some victims feel fear about coming forward; some feel shame, guilt, or embarrassment. Others may feel as though they are to blame for their abuse. While all emotions are valid, it’s fair […]