Frequently Asked Questions

When do i have to pay for legal fees?
Not until the successful completion of your claim.
Are there any upfront costs
No. We do not require upfront payment for any compensation claim.
Do I have to pay for any expenses throughout the process of my claim?
No. We cover the cost of all expenses on an ongoing basis. We will claim reimbursement for these expenses from the insurance company at the completion of your claim.
Will I need to apply for a litigation loan?
No. Our firm will cover the cost of all expenses throughout the course of your claim. You will not need to apply for a separate loan.
Will I have to pay for any expenses or legal fees if I lose my case?
We have the knowledge and experience to win even the most difficult claims. However, if we are unable to do so, we will write off all legal fees and expenses.
Will the other side cover any of my legal fees?
Yes. The insurance company will allow a sum of money to cover part of your legal fees and expenses. We always try to recover as much as we can from the insurance company.
What happens if my case settles for less than what the legal fees are?
We will reduce our fees to ensure that you receive a fair sum of money. We will never leave you out of pocket.