If you’ve been in a motor accident, you know it can take a physical and emotional toll. It’s a traumatic event, and whether you carry physical or emotional injuries, you have to think about your right to motor vehicle compensation. 

Time limits apply to most motor vehicle compensation claims. So, you need to understand your rights surrounding motor vehicle accident claims. 

The quicker you find specialised motor accident injury lawyers in Sydney, the easier it is to ensure you file a claim within the time limits. 

Understanding Different Claim Types and Time Limits

    The most important thing to know is the time limits involved, but every type of claim comes with a different time limit. 

    So, the quicker you move, the better off you will be in succeeding with motor vehicle accident claims. The sooner you reach out to motor vehicle lawyers, the better. Here, we’ve detailed the three most common types of claims as well as their time limits. 

    CTP (Compulsory Third Party) Claims

    CTP Insurance is mandatory across Australia. It allows victims of motor vehicle accidents to claim compensation for any personal injuries they sustained in an accident. Regardless, the majority of CTP claims must be filed within 28 days from the date of the accident, although some states allow three months. Time limits are usually due to changing memories and the availability of evidence. 

    If you were incapacitated by the injuries, good motor accident lawyers will be able to work with you outside of time limits. If you were in an unresponsive state, dealing with incapacitating injuries, or unable to proceed with a legal claim, speak to a lawyer to discuss your options. 

    Common Law Claims

    A common law claim is for pain, suffering, property damage, or loss of income. Not every accident comes down to personal injuries, you may walk away relatively unscathed physically, but that doesn’t mean the accident didn’t impact your life. Don’t underestimate the emotional toll motor accidents can have on your psyche, it is classed as a traumatic event and if that trauma is interfering with your daily life, you deserve to pursue a claim for compensation. 

    In common law claims, you can work with the right motor vehicle accident lawyers in Sydney to file against the at-fault individual’s insurance provider. Common law claims typically come with a three-year time limit in Australia. 

    Fatal Accident Claims

    Sadly, some motor vehicle accidents result in fatalities and the deceased’s family can move forward with a claim for compensation. Typically, the time limit for fatal accident claims is three years, and that’s due to the sensitive nature of grief. It’s difficult to process loss and deal with insurance claims at the same time, so this provides breathing room to deal with the emotions of loss without losing out on the right to seek compensation. Working with the right motor vehicle accident lawyers is the best way to pursue a fatal accident claim.

    Importance of Early Legal Advice

      If you, or someone you love, has been in a road traffic accident, seek out the advice of a motor accident lawyer in Sydney as quickly as possible. A specialist in motor vehicle accident compensation claims will be able to help you navigate the process to ensure you stick to time limits. More importantly, they can advise you on the right type of claim to file, and what paperwork is necessary to serve as evidence, and can essentially, ensure your success and maximise the outcome. 

      Impact of Injuries on Claim Timelines

      If you experienced severe injuries or you’re dealing with psychological trauma in the fallout, that may delay your ability to obtain legal advice. A family member can handle legal representation on your behalf to get the process started to ensure you don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve. 

      Lodging Claims Within Time Limits 

      Even if your claim is filed within the time limit, the insurer may require additional steps or request additional information. This is particularly true with CTP claims. So, ensure you maintain an open line of communication with your lawyer to stay on top of deadlines for additional information related to your claim. 

      Seeking Support and Resources

        The New South Wales State Insurance Regulation Authority provides a variety of resources for victims of motor vehicle accidents. 

        You can also find support from the Road Trauma Support Group NSW which can provide you with the right support for the situation you have experienced. Long after your physical scars have healed, you may carry emotional wounds that require just as much attention. 

        Final Thoughts 

          Whether the time limit is 28 days or 3 years, you should reach out to a team of experienced lawyers who specialise in motor vehicle compensation claims. The quicker you are to seek legal advice, the greater your chances of succeeding with your compensation claim. 

          Regardless of the time limits and the issues you’re dealing with, the AJB Stevens team have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the claims process. Not only will our team help ensure you have all of the necessary documentation, but they can also ensure you file the right type of claim for the experience you’ve been through. 

          We can deliver the emotional support to make the process less stressful and the experience to maximise your claim and get the compensation you deserve. Contact our team today.