Class Action Form

IN THE FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA Lindsey Schofield & Another v TFS Manufacturing Pty Ltd and Others (NSD 181 of 2020)

CLAIMANT REGISTRATION FORM IMPORTANT: This form deals with making claims in the TFS/IVS Vaginal Mesh Class Action There is a DEADLINE of 29 October 2021 to register a claim.


By no later than 10 December 2021, the parties will participate in a mediation of this class action to attempt to reach a negotiated resolution of the claims made in the class action.

Please complete this form if you believe you have suffered a complication, injury or damage from being implanted with an IVS or TFS Implant.

If you are in any doubt about whether you have suffered a complication, injury or damage, please talk to your doctor or contact AJB Stevens Lawyers on 02 8268 0600, or at

The purpose of registering your claim and answering the questions in this form is to facilitate settlement of the proceeding at a mediation. Registration and completion of the questionnaire ensures that information relevant to your individual claim will be taken into account when calculating a global settlement sum for all class members’ claims. It ensures that the best evidence about all class members’ claims will be considered by the parties’ lawyers at mediation and ultimately by the Court when it is required to approve a proposed settlement. It is therefore very important that you register and complete the questionnaire.

If you do not register your claim by the deadline, you will still be permitted to claim a share of any settlement payment for your injury, loss or damage caused by complications from your IVS or TFS Implant. If the class action does not settle, you will still retain your right to sue the Respondents for damages or compensation for any injuries loss or damage caused by complications from an IVS and/or TFS Implant.


The person identified as a group member below REGISTERS their claim for compensation in relation to this class action.

If you are unable to complete any part of this section of the form because you do not know the answers to the questions, you may seek advice from your treating doctor or specialist or ask for assistance from AJB Stevens Lawyers.