Parenting Orders

Parenting orders can be contentious. The team at AJB Stevens is here to help ensure the best interests of the child are met and the process is as seamless as possible.


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Pre-filing Procedures

AJB Stevens can help you determine what steps need to be taken before filing anything with the court.
Property Settlements


We’re available as a neutral party to resolve conflicts before the last resort of court filings and orders.
Parenting Orders

Order for Parental Responsibility

We can help formalise documents and help file for court orders that outlines the responsibility that a parent, by law, has in relation to the child.
Financial Agreements

Court Representation

If you need a representative during proceedings, we’ll stand by you in court.

Can AJB Stevens Help Me?

Is there a way to legally outline parental responsibilities?

How can I ensure my child’s best interests are being met?

Do I need my spouse’s consent on certain aspects of parenting?

If you have ever asked these questions, or any others related to parental responsibility, the team at AJB Stevens is here to help. Our lawyers are experts in the field of parenting orders and parental responsibility. We understand family matters are sensitive issues that need to be handled with the utmost compassion and care. Contact us to see what we can do to help ease the process.

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Parenting Orders and Related Matters We Deal With

Parenting Orders are a formalisation of parental plans and our team at AJB Stevens is well-versed at handling conflicts and drawing up documents that will ensure your child’s best interests are met. We handle all aspects of parenting orders and can even help mediate and resolve disputes in order to outline parental responsibilities and expectations going forward.


Our team can act as mediators between you and your spouse or partner to help ease the stress of coming to agreed upon parenting arrangements related to a child.

Family Dispute Resolution

AJB Stevens can help resolve disputes and outline expectations and plans related to parenting.

Parenting Plans

We can assist with putting parenting plans into writing to ensure all aspects of a child’s care is considered and covered.

Parenting Orders

If an amicable resolution cannot be found outside of court, AJB Stevens can help organise and file parental orders with the court.

Relocation Agreements

If you plan to move out of state or out of country, and need agreements formalised with the child’s parent, AJB Stevens is here to help.

Location and Recovery Orders

AJB Stevens deals with specific parenting orders, including location orders and recovery orders, to discover where a child is living and/or to return the child if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a parenting order?
A parenting order is an order or set of orders made by a court outlining the parenting arrangements for a child, or children. A court can make an order based on an agreement between both parties (consent orders) or after a court trial or hearing. Once a parenting order is put into effect, each person affected under the order must follow it.
What is a consent order?
A consent order differs slightly from a parenting order in that it is based on the consent, or agreement of both parties. It outlines what must be done, and is formalised by the court.
What is a parenting plan?
A parenting plan is an informal outline of parental responsibilities and expectations outlined and agreed upon by both parties. A parenting plan may be verbal or written (although written is preferable). It is signed and dated, but it is not a legally enforceable agreement.
How do I apply for a parenting order?
To apply for a parenting order, you must file the proper paperwork with the court. Before filing an application for parenting orders, you are required to participate in various pre-action procedures, which include attendance at a Family Dispute Resolution Conference. The Family Law Act 1975 requires that you obtain a certificate from a registered family dispute resolution practitioner. This must be acquired before you file an application with the Court.

Parenting orders can be complex. It is recommended that you seek professional guidance before you begin to understand the process and your rights and responsibilities as a parent.

Do I need a Lawyer to create a parenting order?
While a parent does not need a lawyer for a parenting plan, it is a good idea to get advice before agreeing to one. As a parenting order must go through the court system, which has its own complexities, if you are in the process of developing or signing off on a parenting order, it is always advisable to obtain the opinion of a professional who understands the intricacies of the law. This ensures the best interests of the child are addressed and that you as a parent understand your rights and responsibilities.
What kind of points are included in a parenting order?
Areas that may be covered under a parenting order include:

  • Where the child(ren) live(s)
  • Schooling and childcare
  • Who the child(ren) spend time with
  • Medical issues and arrangements
  • Religious practices
  • Cultural practices
  • Parental responsibility
  • How those with parental responsibility communicate with each other and about what
What should not be included in a parenting order?
Financial settlement, parenting orders, and child support are each their own separate legal matters. Parenting orders are submitted to the court and therefore deal only with parenting-related issues, and not child support.

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Each Parenting Order is different and unique in its own right. Seeking the help of AJB Stevens will ensure that you receive the compensation and entitlements you deserve to help get your life back on track.

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