Mesh Implants

Mesh Implants: Alleged Failures, Defective Products & Lack Of Evidence Based Trials

It has been alleged that thousands of woman who suffered horrific health impacts following the approval and implanting of various Mesh Products for treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Stress Urinary Incontinence were not provided with proper advice about the potential harmful effects of the products, and did not provide informed consent for the procedures to be performed. Most were not even aware that an interventional product would be implanted in their pelvic region during their prolapse repair procedures.

What are we investigating?

AJB Stevens Lawyers are currently investigating the possibility for individual claims on behalf of numerous clients who have had mesh implants for Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Stress Urinary Incontinence.

In particular, AJB Stevens are focused on bringing individual causes of action against the peak health regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). It will be alleged that despite warnings against the use of some surgical mesh, the TGA approved many mesh devices and products for use, exposing many women to unknown risks.

A medical expert who has been retained by medical giant Johnson & Johnson recently conceded at a Melbourne hearing of a Senate Inquiry that the manufacturers of mesh products should not have been left to train doctors and surgeons on methods for implanting their own products.


AJB Stevens Lawyers have identified at least the following manufacturers of mesh and sling products which have been used during procedures on women across the country and which have resulted in severe detrimental health complications for our clients:

  • TFS
  • AMS
  • Boston Scientific
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Tyco

Medical Malpractice

AJB Stevens have identified and continue to investigate the possibility of claims against various surgeons who failed to obtain informed consent from their patients in accordance with the acceptable medical standards.

By bringing individual actions rather than class actions, claims can be brought not only against the regulator or the manufacturer, but also against each doctor who did not perform to the standard that would be expected by other peer professionals.

Monetary Claim?

The effects that the products have had on our clients are profound, permanent and life changing, some more so than others.

AJB Stevens lawyers are committed to prosecuting individual claims against the TGA, the manufacturers and if necessary the doctors who failed to secure informed consent from their patients.

Claims can be brought for the significant physical pain and psychological suffering already endured and likely to be experienced for the rest of their lives. In addition to compensation for economic losses such as lost earnings, medical treatment and care expenses. In most cases, this runs in to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most women have endured multiple procedures to rectify or remove the mesh implants, or to deal with complications arising from the implants such as significant infections. Most have lost their jobs, their spouses and their dignity.

Our Role

Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that each individual victim has the opportunity to be heard if that is their desire. Our experience has shown that with the right advice and legal support team, the amount of compensation obtained for individual causes of action is far greater than what might be distributed via a class action. We take our role seriously, and engage in robust litigation and advocacy to secure the best possible results for our clients.

It is important that if you are affected by mesh implants, you obtain expert advice about your rights. To register your interest and find out where you stand, click here.